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About Spirit Twins™

At Spirit Twins Lacrosse™, we are committed to emphasizing the values of this great game of lacrosse through our clinics and individual sessions.

Our unique teaching/playing style has been deemed a hybrid, which combines both indoor (Box) and Field lacrosse. We give our athletes a unique experience of improving their abilities on the field by learning the fundamentals of Box lacrosse. This is a unique opportunity for your child to learn the basic principals of this ancient Haudenosaunee game. The hybrid style is based on the stick skills, physicality and IQ of a Box player, combined with the dodging and endurance of a field player. Coaches at Spirit Twins Lacrosse™ are adept at educating and helping players to quickly implement these skills on to the playing field.

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Program Elements

We at Spirit Twins Lacrosse™ have divided our programs in to three components:

  1. Indigenous values: The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) have played Deyhontsigwa’ehs (they bump hips) since time immemorial as a game where human beings exchange their gifts/talents to the best of their abilities to lift the spirits of all those who come to watch. In this way, the game is considered a Medicine Game. At Spirit Twins lacrosse™, we aim to inspire players to respect these values and acknowledge the gift of this game and the spirit that the Haudenosaunee have managed to keep alive.
  2. Development: At Spirit Twins Lacrosse™ we pride ourselves on giving athletes the best opportunities to excel in this great sport. We are dedicated to getting the best and most knowledgeable coaches to teach this hybrid By introducing your child to this game’s deep legacy, we hope to impart pride, commitment, respect, responsibility, lasting friendships, and gratitude through the way this game is played.
  3. Investment in today’s changing game: Lacrosse is changing every day—at every level. Today, college coaches are recruiting more box lacrosse players at top D1 level schools. And now with the addition of a shot clock, college coaches are looking for players with a higher IQ. The integration of box skills, while retaining strong abilities of the field game, is the future of lacrosse. Come learn our hybrid technique at Spirit Twins Lacrosse™ to meet the challenges ahead, while becoming more responsible as an athlete.